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Inspiration: Portland (Thanks, Delta!)

deltamain.jpg Thank you to Delta® for sponsoring this article. Book Delta® Economy Comfort™ on your next trip and make each and every departure and arrival “worth it.”

When Delta® reached out wanting us to experience their Economy Comfort™ seats, and figure out what’s #worthit, the first question was - where should we go? Well the perfect way to kick off 2014 was to find somewhere new and inspiring (and not too far) to take a quick trip - and Portland, OR came to mind. Just back from the madness of holiday travel, Shawn and I needed to properly unwind, relax, and explore, so we happily hopped up to Portland for 2 quick nights! The second question - when to go?!?! So after a bit of poking around the Delta site to figure out which types of planes fly where and what wasn’t fully booked up to get some decent seats (aka Economy Comfort™ and non-middles where possible!) we were set for Jan 6-8. Then came the research phase, as I oriented myself with Portland digitally (and asking friends for advice) this google map of dots emerged to help us figure out what to explore when wandering the city. Feel free to suggest more spots that can’t be missed on our next Portland adventure! Take a peek on the next page at some of our discoveries, as well as the stunning views out the window flying!

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Ace Hotel Portland: Inside #420

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Inside Wieden + Kennedy Portland

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Quin Candy

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Inside the W+K Portland Garage...

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Base Camp Brewing Co.

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ROADTRIP! LA to Park City + Audi Q7 TDI

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Pop-Tarts Airstream Toaster

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Einstök Beer - Icelandic Craft Ales

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Stranger & Stranger Holiday 2013 Tees

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What We Do - Let's Get Lost - You & Me

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YETI Coolers

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Inspiration: Wood Fence... building + details

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Printstagr.am Tinybooks

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Bruce Lee Playing Cards by Dan&Dave

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