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Pack Rat

Be Prepared to Drool

As soon as I surfed over to my eyes glazed over and the warm cloud of euphoria fell upon me. Talk about brain candy. Not Cot in all its many forms ( there is an .org, .com, the gallery, and NOTed features section) is dedicated to fabulous design. At anyone and everyone can posted their favorite designe find, is home to hand picked editor finds, the gallery is a display of new and upcoming artist and the NOTed section is a hand crafted photoshoot by Not Cot editors, with descriptions of why they love the featured designs. The presentation of the site is minimalistic, with a comic edge. It is like stumbling into a museum currated by the love child of Willy Wonka and Audrey Hepburn, full of bright but restrained colors offset by sophisticated black and whites. The design of the website deserves a nod in and of itself. But the real fun is cruising through the clips of other peoples art/products. Its overwhelming the amount of good ideas that are out there these days. Itll bring a smile (and maybe a little spittle) to your face.


I Hate Alex


Im not a huge fan of all the Cool Hunting sites. Its not the product or the focus of the post but its more about someone telling me all about how cool something is. Notcot on the hand is pretty sick. It reminds me of Reddit but for designers. Notcot layout is simple, it has an image in a Polaroid style frame with a brief non-annoying description. I have found a lot of interesting sites, artist and products on Notcot. My favorite so far has to be the Sam Flores shower curtain LINK.



I stopped blogging about other link blogs a while back (apart from on the sidebar to your right) but every now and then I am totally overwhelmed at how cool a link blog can be…enter Inspirational "ideas + aesthetics + amusement" links all collected together by a crack team of experts. Cheers you guys and girls.


Ghost School

I'm sorry your hair hangs like bangs

Here are a few design blogs I’ve come across, firstly there’s Noisy Decent Graphics, I highly recommend his well linked article Design is a Disease. Also for sheer unadultarated visual decadence there's notcot.


Octopus Ink

Gift Shopping

Check out the 'Gifting Direction Guide' at If you can't find something there for everyone on your list, you need new friends.

Also its partner in crime,, is an open directory of cool--featuring everything from bracelets made from chopsticks to paper drum sets. posted by m. hogan at 3:41 PM



Best Blogs of 2006 that You (Maybe) Aren't Reading

15. Josh Spear Cool Hunting and The Cool Hunter are, well, cool. But they tend to track international trends that seldom seem to intersect with your life. Josh Spear's cool hunting includes stuff you might actually be able to afford getting your hands on. (See also:



The Blog Elite: Very High Authority Blogs

In his October 2006 State Of The Blogosphere report, Technorati's David Sifry gives an overview of the grouping of blogs by authority. Blogs that have over 500 other blogs linking to it in the last 180 days are part of a 'blogging elite'. Sifry says:

In the final group we see what might be considered the blogging elite. This group, which represents more than 4,000 blogs, exhibits a radical shift in post frequency as well as blog age. Bloggers of this type have been at it longer – a year and a half on average – and post nearly twice a day, an increase in posting volume of over 100% from the previous group. Many of the blogs in this category, in fact, are about as old as Technorati and we’ve grown up together. Some of these are full-fledge professional enterprises that post many, many times per day and behave increasingly like our friends in the mainstream media. As has been widely reported, the impact of these bloggers on our cultures and democracies is increasingly dramatic.

Sifry's Alerts: State of the Blogosphere, October, 2006

Where do cool / design / trend blogs sit? A random sample:

Very High Authority Group : 2362 blogs link
The Cool Hunter : 2308
Core77 : 1377
PSFK : 918
Josh Spear : 516

High Authority Group
NotCot : 377
Trendhunter : 321
Influx Insights : 194
Marktd : 164

... which probably indicates that trend sites are not only reporting on culture but shaping it too.


The Marketing Mix

Ten Second Tip: Unstick Yourself

I'm a huge fan of what I call "mind jogs": tools that serve as 'hacks' to stimulate creative thinking and get me out of my rut. I even keep a folder full of them on my browser toolbar (like the online version of The Creative Whack Pack, a wiki with one guy's summaries of great books he's read and, a really visual site chock full of great, current design coolios).




I have been talking to a number of people about brands with silent names. Not sure if I am on to something or its a blind ally. The theory is that a number of new companies launched within the web 2.0 world have names that consumers only type or email. These are not spoken word brands, they exist only on keyboards. For example years ago I can remember feeling a complete nob when i described the then new sportsware firm NIKE as 'nick' in public. The current joy in street talk mispronunciation does not help. But who is to say how you pronounce: del.ici.ous or how you speak about; zopa or shozu or etsy or qoop or ziki or or so many other companies that in a rush to find a URL didn't think that outside of blogland, some consumers meet up in things called pubs and talk about the nonsense of life. such conversations are of the non-inhibiting type and there fore something that is going to make me look a tosser is of the menu. I may email you a link to plazes but i'll be buggerd if i'm going to risk social ridicule mispronouncing it in public.



From trendy to cutting-edge to wild and kitschy NOTCOT is a superbe assemblage of visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements.

Initiated and co-founded by super powagirrrl Jean Aw and Daniel Frysinger.

11.07.06 mitose mentale

Un site plutot bien foutu qui présente des liens vers une multitude d'objets "design" ou "conceptuels". On y retrouve aussi quelques liens vers des publicités "intéressantes" ou "innnovantes".

En farfouillant un peu, on peut aussi y retrouver pas ma de truc brévés sur Mitose.


CAEL: Publicacion de Comentarios acerca de Diseno Grafico y el proceso de inmigracion Quebec.

Un verdadero profesional en edicion multimedia que selecciona Diseno

Encontre esta pagina gracias a Juan Daza mi profe de Formas y conceptos II, me parece genial cada uno de los link que estas personas ponen. el link:

Funadado por Jean Aw & Daniel Frysinger quienes le imprimen a este sitio un caracter minimalista y completamente efectivo. Cada link que postean parece una seleccion conceptual muy pensada.

Muy recomendado para ver buen diseno!


WebProNews Video Blog

Blog Into Innovative Business Partnerships

Click to view Video Interview

NOTCOT was a labor of love for Jean Aw. From what started as a personal design blog to “keep track of resources,” NOTCOT has expanded into two sites, and which collect around 20,000 visits per day. is still (mainly) a standard design blog but has evolved into something of a social network. Users submit interesting aesthetic finds such as new art and artists, products and projects.

Jean has teamed up with ThisNext as less of a business move and more as a way to drive interest and content to NOTCOT. Users can tag items from ThisNext with “notcot” and they automatically appear on her site with shopping links. When asked about tranforming NOTCOT into a “traditional” business, Aw replied that “as a designer, it’s a living, breathing portfolio.” Already in place a springboard to her design consultancy, it seems to make much more sense for NOTCOT to thrive on this “network of informative and collaborative websites” rather than strike exclusive deals.

Posted on Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 at 2:35 pm.


Ad Astra

Web 2.0 could also mean +

Espen Andersen's second law of the internet (the first being related to FOSS) states that "every should have a to watch over it. "

He explains: "A lot of companies are dot.coms, in the sense that they have an Internet presence with an address like I think their customers and other stakeholders in the company should organize and take command over the, whatever it may be. So, let's pick a company, let's pick If there had been an that watched over, perhaps Enron wouldn't have been in the papers quite so much. " (via Rajesh Jain).

Easier said than done. For huge enterprises, that is going to be a tad difficult to implement. Perhaps not as a matter of technology but because of rigid governance structures. Read this Harvard Uni op-ed for example. The story is altogether different for start ups like See how they are able to blend socially networked (Read: community supported) with their business of churning out ideas+aesthetics+amusement. So how do we build a new new economy? Start looking away from moguls.

MojiBlog & Liquid Sheep - A Unique Visual Blog

Notcot is one simple yet amazing site. The layout, the colors and the usability are just wonderful. More than all that, is the content on the site. People or the notcot kids upload cool images of stuff they like on the web and then link it to where it’s from. Most of them have little blurbs about the product or picture. It’s visually inspiring- I feel like i’m window shopping for insparation. We got tons of traffic by being mentioned on Notcot, I hope this returns the favor. I heart notcot.

10.05.06 & 09.13.2006

One Measly Dollar

NOTCOT.ORG = Pretty damn cool.

Even after playing around with NOTCOT for a little bit I’m still not sure what it is — or more importantly how the hell to create an account, secret code?!?!? — but I like it. The best way to describe it would be a cross between Boing Boing and Digg, but ditch all the writing — that nobody reads anyway, right? — with nice, big images.

Created by the very talented and creative 23-year, old Jean Aw, NOTCOT is really a collection of many sites that all seem to revolve around nice, simple design of everything from t-shirts to toys to web sites. The .org site seems to have the most going on but you’ll find other sites created by the same person that follow the same line. One of which is presented in more of a blog like format, but again with nice big visuals and her written thoughts.

Well, now thanks to Jean I have yet one more sure way to waste (in a good way) more of my time. Thanks Jean.

Now, what the hell is up with the secret code?


TechNews fur Deutschland!

"For your ideas + aesthetics + amusement" ist der Slogan von Eine tolle Kollektion von Bildern und URL's führt zu wunderbaren Bildern und kuriosen Webseiten. Ein offenes System ermöglicht das gemeinsame "Arbeiten" an diesem Projekt. Man achte mal auf den Warteraum der Berliner Zahnarztpraxis... Nice!

Translation according to google: "For your ideas + aesthetics + amusement" is the slogan of A cool collection of pictures and URL's leads to marvelous pictures and strange web pages. An open system makes that possible common “work” at this project. One pays attention times to the waiting area of the citizens of Berlin dental practice… Nice


Two Lime Leaves

This is my favourite "HEY YOU GUYS! LOOK AT THIS!" site - Allsorts of great design, beautiful things and wonderful stuff. And this is todays excitement from them...


Jabbery Jenny's Live Journal

Lunatic in waiting ([info]jabberjenny) wrote,

Among my list of wants..
..but never gonna get, I found this shirt. It made me giggle.

If you're bored and want to parade the net lookin' for cool shit that doesn't invovle paying for porn, then check out Notcot. Thousands of awesome things and places to explore.


The Handsome Ruffian

New Links

I have found a wonderful new website for all of you, it is entitled NotCot, there are two branches, and The .com site is a design forum that doubles as a design consultancy and the .org is a non for profit site where people can post about their interesting new findings in the world of design. The creator and administrator is Jean Aw a 23 year old design savvy individual. Both of these sites are great, however I prefer the .org site myself simply because there is a wider variety of objects and finds, even though they eventually cycle their way to the .com site.

Please visit the sites, they are amazing and incredibly easy to navigate, just click on the images and the link will open up in a new window. I have been viewing the old posts and there are so many amazing things with which I want to spend all of my hard earned dollars on. The links to the sites are in my link window to the right.



Dave Jeffery

NOTCOT beats out sleep on Dave Jeffery's list of top 10 creativity boosters!


Tinsel to Your Crown's MySpace Blog

link of the moment: somebody thought to create a site that allows anybody to upload a photo to it and write a description. as simple as that sounds, it's entertaining enough to have eaten up two hours of my day so far. plus most of the photos link to sites that have hours of time-wasting potential. i think i found a new hobby for work that might even rival wikipedia.




Cool Hunting talks about NOTCOT's use of's shopcast feature.


emac3326: Learning Emerging Media

NotCot is a design blog that is run by Jean Aw in LA. NotCot is a blog about good design in everyday life. The products she displays in the blog are simple, smart, useful and user friendly. Design is a vital part of our daily life so finding out about products that are pleasing to the eye and user friendly is fun and keeps me coming back everyday.



Hicks Design

Hicksdesign checks .org regularly!


My Site Stinks, But Yours Is Cool

Warning! This site does not stink

This is my favorite new site. It is not goofy like the stuff tsurt posts but it is does not stink. The only problem is you will be stuck looking through this site forever because there is soooo much great content. This is such a great layout as well. Just really simple.


The Captain


Edelman Talkshop Blog

[honored to be in the same post mentioning great sites like StumbleUpon and LastFM!]

The last site that piqued my interest this week it First you probably need to know, that in college my favorite view was of a bulletin board. My favorite bulletin board was at the UIUC in the quad. A gigantic cement block covered in flyers. NOTCOT is that cement block only more beautiful. Self-described as a telephone pole, I think it is a wonderful, visually appealing site to visit for a mini-vacation.

What sites did you discover this week? Who has gone social? Who is making you get a new user profile?

posted by leah.jones



House & Garden

Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge writes about her favorite design blogs, including NOTCOT, on the House & Garden website.



Obsessive Consumption

We're a fave of Obsessive Consumption.


Johnny Dee of the Guardian Unlimited includes in The Guide, saying that ours is "a world dominated by aesthetics." Is that so wrong?




Notcot had the best idea I’ve seen in a while… She put together a site where anyone can upload an image and describe it. It seems pretty boring and straightforward at first, but once you hop over you’ll immediately see the potential, grasshopper. Multi-voice + viewpoints designcoolinterestingartisticwhatevercrap talk. Fuck, now I need an invitation, which you gain by sending three examples of what you’d post…


.com and .org have both been bookmarked hundreds of times by users.


American Way

Article on design blogs by Jenna Schurner:
Site: Notcot Web address: Who runs it: Jean Aw Potential for addiction: Over time, the addiction factor certainly will grow stronger.

No, Notcot isn’t some sort of secret code. It’s just a piece of an old e-mail address that’s sort of stuck with blogger Jean Aw. The site, which she says started as a “fun side project,” is a “personal filtration of art, aesthetics, and amusement” — and an extension of Aw’s hobby of searching out pieces­ that interest her and passing the information along to her friends. “Only things that I love make it on the site,” says Aw, who draws upon her eclectic professional background, which includes stints at a car-­design studio and at an advertising agency. Her blog is probably the most traditional of our favorites — it feels more like a personal diary — and its influence is growing. At the moment, about 2,000 people wander through the site each day, from all around the world. “It’s not about cost,” Aw says of the items she profiles. “I love clean, simple lines. And I’m a definite sucker for the art side of things, and for illustration.”



Here's the little excerpt on notcot:

Other hunters

Spear lives in one of the Internet's gated communities; many others do similar work, but many more don't have the interest and passion for it and the vast majority simply don’t have the means.

Jean Aw, 22, says that she and Spear met through their blogs, which have some overlapping content. Aw writes from Southern California, where she freelance designs for a San Diego ad agency. She describes the blog as "a visual filtration of ideas, aesthetics and amusement" - things that catch her eye and that she wants to share with her design-happy friends.

"I've been pleasantly surprised that so many people have been viewing and linking it daily," she says, "but ultimately it remains uninfluenced by anyone but myself."

While her blog might have some of the same types of jet-setting design observations (she did recently get her MA in interaction design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy), Aw says she's not actively seeking larger audiences, unlike Spear, who makes money from the advertising.

She blogs for herself and for her friends, and spends a lot of time checking out a long list of other blogs on technology, design, trends and a wide range of other things daily.

The perspectives given by trend blogger like Spear and Aw - who work together on the Charles & Marie project - come from unusually lucky and motivated folks who take full advantage of their time and resources. The resulting content outruns style content in print or broadcast media and trumps reality television because even if Web viewers can't afford to live the published lifestyles or buy the promoted gadgetry, art and apparel, just wondering what these fortunate few will do next is a draw in itself.


D*S Origami Beer
d*s Notcot

design*sponge likes our findings!



Rice Plate

We're awesome in the eyes of Riceplate.


You and whose army?

Today's first official filler starts with a site called NotCot is in their words a "visual filtration of ideas, aesthetics and amusement". notcot.JPG

How many nots could a notcot cot if a notcot could cot wood?

Pondering what this means makes the Gnash's brain hurt, but whatever it is I like the cut of their jib. Me thinks NotCot will do alright as it has been recently Gizmodo'ed .