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A QuickPost Test- 03.04.05

Picture 1.jpgBrowsing through everyone elses blogs and sites to learn and absorb fascinating little details that help make a site more than just a site. Although he doesnt post all that frequently, i just LOVE this guys site, and he has done amazing work as well.

journal : // hicksdesign

His menu close up

seriously though, how can you not love someone who appreciates/collects up menubar icons too? and just incredibly nice/usable design.

Gorgeous little details all over his site… browse further its really worth it. Heart shaped cheese for valentine’s day. and who can even miss something like that “Head Tilting Fun” banner he has floating gently in thee corner? Browse on. This is a test, this is just a test. testing testing testing to fill next to an image aligned right to see what happens.

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Notice that hicksdesign doesnt work in ie…

----- Jermacide 04.03.05 20:04

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