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“Adventure” Gear- 03.15.05

parachute.jpg The materials of this bag have extreme adventures before even getting the chance to hold your goods. Made from 2004 Soyuz Space Parachutes, America’s Cup Sails, and even Mt. Everest Tents… the durability, design, and concept behind these bags is not only recyling the materials, but the adventure as well. Everquest Designs will even let you design your own…

We also make personalized bags with your own piece of adventure. We have made bags with pieces of banner from Rolling Stones concerts and laptop bags with a tarp from a car rally in Northern Africa!. We believe perception of a famous event is purely a matter of opinion. We like to think of famous events as a “significant slice of time actually lived by our customers”. The “beat up” tent from a memorable trekking expedition in Nepal or that piece of windbreaker that survived a 200 mile hike through the Appalachian Trail really do define what a relic is all about : A piece of YOUR famous adventures. We can turn them into full-featured City or Laptop bags.

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