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Apple Freitags- 03.29.05

freitag.jpgFinally! I love these guys, their wallet i first found at MOCA, the bags, their BOOK is a constant source of disbelief and inspiration… the soccer ball, the punching bag! (that i will someday have)… cute shirts even.

In case you’ve been living in a design free cave for the last few years, Freitag are the truck tarp, seat belts, and inner tube recyclers, who reinvent these items into colorful unique high quality designer goods, started by two swiss brothers. And they even have a somewhat DIY section where you can make the standard messenger bags by choosing which parts of specific tarps you want in their online flash store.

Here is their new iBook and Powerbook line, sadly only white and yellow solid colors so far, but if they go nuts and do random tarp sections, i’m all over it. Freitag



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