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Bennett Wallpaper- 03.16.05

bennet.jpg Felt like some new digital wallpaper, found that Patrick Bennet put out a few new ones… and thought it was worth sharing for those of you who haven’t enjoyed his old ones. (They are in his download section), nice color/vector art combos… few examples of my favorites after the jump.






These are just a sampling, he has other interesting work on his portfolio as well. Patrick Bennett


Hey, why not email me when you link!?

Anyways, thanks for the write up. I’m working on yet more desktops (have been for a while) that should be ready VERY soon. These new ones will incorporate more intricate vector work and a few will also even have some subtle bitmaps!

Give me a few and I’ll let you know when they get up.

Thanks again for checking out my stuff.

----- Patrick Bennett 13.04.05 14:59

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