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Bluetooth Rolling Cam- 03.20.05

sony.jpgBluetooth Sony Ericsson Phone Controlled Camera… beautifully designed, here is the new ROB-1 which is a three wheel phone driven camera that streams 15 fps video to the controller phone. At 2.2 pounds, running on Linux, and has incorporated night-vision… mobile surveillance is reaching a new level, and into the realm of everyday people.

Use your phone to drive ROB-1 around and check out the surroundings with the built-in video camera. When you see something interesting, take a snapshot. You can tilt the camera so it’s easy to get a frog’s perspective – no more crawling around on your stomach to take those hard-to-get pictures.

More imagery and links after the jump.

Launched at CeBit, this new gadget’s images speak louder than words… and there’s video too.




for ROB-1 + for Sony ROB-1 Product Page

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