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*How Could Anyone?- 03.16.05

animaltesting.jpg How could anyone make one more charity silicon bracelet? After LiveStrong everyone had been jumping on the bracelet bandwagon, but this one is for the Humane Society, and Urban Decay has been very animal conscious with their products from the beginning. So this one’s for them.

We don’t do animal testing, and we never have. A lot of you buy our makeup for that very reason. Thanks to Sandy Lerner, an animal activist who co-founded the brand, every single Urban Decay product proudly sports our cruelty-free motto: “We don’t do animal testing. How could anyone?” 100% of Urban Decay’s profits from this bracelet will be donated to our friends at The Humane Society of the United States, with a minimum donation of $25,000. We believe in their work, and encourage you to check them out! —- URBAN DECAY

But seriously, where do all of these go? You know people must be buying loads of them for their various organizations, but how many people do you really see wearing them anymore? Given the indestructable (relatively) nature of the bracelets, i think we need to find some new uses for them… slip a few around a water bottle to make it slip-resistant? keychains? cable ties? let me know what you think of… to get your creative juices flowing a visual repository of random bands follows.

The Original- “Live Strong”

Nike’s “Stand Up Speak Up” against racism.

Choose Hope’s “Cancer Awareness”

Mr.Yuk “Poison Help” [Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh]

Aloha United Way “Give Aloha- Shaka”

A slightly more twisted take… “Live Wrong”

It’s so beyond a trend, its somewhat fascinating to look at how bad some of the designs out there are… but incase you’re curious enough to want to design your own for whatever purpose, here’s a link to some images of ones with graphics, glow in the dark, every color you can imagine…. Band-Together

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Hey!! Where did the bracelets go?! Some people are still interested and want to support… please post or provide a link on your homepage please… thank you :)

----- kathryn 07.03.08 17:17

when my mom saw the clothes folding video, she gasped. “it must be a trick!” i think it’s just 133t origami skills applied to real life. when you can fold cranes out of paper, you can fold clothes into perfect rectangles.

----- Rabbit 22.12.07 18:03

Appears to be a good source for rubber wristbands

----- Shannan 22.08.05 09:11

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