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Kissable Belly-Button- 03.15.05

P60333_hero.jpg A Sephora To-Go Bestseller, i kid you not. It seems crazy at first, yet strangely curious as well… Spring has sprung (almost) bikini’s are back (well as soon as the sun is consistent enough for a good tan)… so why not make your belly-button tantalizing?

Deliciously Kissable Belly Button Love Potion Fragrance A provocative new concept in scent for the new frontier in erogenous zones … the belly button! Daring, seductive, and deliciously kissable, this roll-on fragrance is fully charged with sweetness that guarantees instant attraction. Simply pick your favorite potion: French vanilla and smooth caramel (Creamy), silky, or juicy, and berry sweet with a subtle hint of crisp green bouquet (Juicy). So irresistible, it’s Ok to double dip …


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