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Knirps: My X1- 03.21.05

main.jpgREVIEW* Yes, this one’s personal, the storms that came literally ripped my previous umbrella apart, well that and possibly my super human strength as my friend claims. (it bent, completely, yes the staff/frame part) So the hunt was on.

KNIRPS: das original. The inventors of the folding umbrella. German quality at its finest now revamped with some nice design. (and thanks to mocoloco posting this a few months ago, it stuck in my head). The external case that is purse exterior friendly, and the sheer size, not to mention design quality makes it a must.

It took a bit of work to research all the options of how to get one of these (more on this after the jump). So go see European-umbrellas They are some of the nicest people, and by the time you take off VAT (tax of nearly 20%) and add some airmail shipping, your price is about the same as if you had flown out and purchased one there yourself. They also provide some great video footage of a German man teaching you how to care-for/use your umbrella.

LOTS of imagery to follow, from historical to the umbrella’s themselves. Definitely worth a look-see.

However what they DON’T tell you is how hard these things are to find. Or acquire. Especially if you’re in America, ok fair enough in Europe (or Japan apparently) you can find it in some corner shop with a few on one of the clean beautifully designed racks, but they don’t even have an American distributor. So after much internet searching, i recommend european-umbrellas.com

But once found, you will never let go, it’s just so fun to look at, a pleasure to use, and tiny, portable, different, yet classic. It makes me into one of the happy dry socal people when its pouring… here’s a collection of images to give you a taste.






From Knirps amazing HISTORY



Where could I find Knirp umbrellas in Palma de Mallorca, Spain?

----- Diana María Mejía Pardo 12.04.06 03:55

Where can I find Knirps umbrellas in New York, New York?

----- Wendy 02.09.06 17:36

Hi, I just visited the Knirps site and agree that it is great! I knew the name from when I was small - I recall Knirps commercials, so I’m surprised they are not sold in the US. Perhaps they were at one time. I decided I really want a Knirps after being so-o-o disappointed with my bedraggled Totes. I found http://www.european-umbrellas.com just before I found your site. I then thought I’d see if they sell them at Sach’s or Lord and Taylor’s but they do not. Glad to have found your essay on them, as now I know I don’t have to research any further and will order from the German european-umbrellas.com site. Thanks!

----- Diane in NYC 15.09.06 08:09

Where can I find Knirps umbrellas in Lisbon, Portugal?

----- Maria Helena 03.11.06 09:12

to who ever wants to know , you can find knirps umbrellas in new york city at a great shop called rain or shine on st between vanderbilt andmadison ave. They als do great repair work on your favorite umbella that might be damaged.Hope this helps people looking for knirps umbrellas in new york city. cheers chad

----- chad tauber 28.01.07 18:18

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