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PEPIN! a new gen of clipart- 03.10.05

Design lovers everywhere, especially those who appreciate gorgeous high quality images… MUST go see PEPIN PRESS books. Not at all bookstores (but so far i found a nice selection at Henessy and Ingalls which is one of the most browse-worthy design/architecture stores around)…

Here’s the deal, well bound books overflowing with incredibly edgy clipart… i caved in and so far have collected up the Occult, Bacteria and Micro-organisms, and Dutch Tile Designs… they are nicelly bound, well sized, and on nice glossy pages (basically the complete opposite of Dover press old school clip art selections, no offense to them, although they do have weekly free clip art)… Nicest thing though, is at about 20$ a book, they come with CD’s filled with every image used/featured in the book… and the images are extremely high quality in tiff and jpg formats, organized by page number.

For people like me who like to touch and feel their design wares from time to time, or just find it easier to find the right image flipping quickly rather than file hunting… this is a godsend.

I’ll try and add more pics later from some of the books… i’m looking forward to acquiring the 5000 animals edition, not sure what i need it for, but it is always so hard to plan ahead on when you will need that random perfect badger image.

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