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UnZip Me.- 03.16.05

diesel.jpg Ahhh, jeans. Ok ok so Diesel is practically like the Gap at a certain point, or at least spending enough time in Italy where the stores are around every corner… but admitedly they are daring with the artwork/media/design and do come up with some pretty fun collections (as hit and miss as they can be). And definitely some amusements.

Like this bracelet. What more can i say, it just makes you stare, and want to touch it.

Few more images along this theme after the jump… They also make interesting use of the rivets (?) jeans have.

In a discussion with another friend… we feel although a fun piece to look at, doesn’t its screaming “unzip me” matched with placement seem a bit odd?

This falls in the edgy but girly category. Somedays you just don’t want to be that demure girly girl. So you do what you must, then throw something that adds a bit of a twist to the look. Subtle understated, makes people actually *think a little before realizing what they are taking in.

So if you’re feeling helpful, give me some feedback on this one. I love it, in that gut instinct can’t quite place my finger on it sort of way. And often if i return with the same feeling often enough, that translates to i WANT it. So donate one if you’re feeling nice, or just help me decide whether its fun and amusing or not. Or just rant, comments fuel my energy at times.

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update: checked it out in store today, it wasn’t as cool. All of them are great pictures, but not as awesome pieces in reality. pity.

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