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Buffalos Roam- 04.26.05

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These are life becoming art… in Pikesville, Maryland… see NYTimes. The images are just priceless, truly capturing what i always wondered home on the range meets suburbia would function like. I will now count the buffalo jumping tennis nets when i can’t fall asleep at night.

UPDATE: thanks to jus, new pics on the NYTimes… and additional information that’s heart breaking…

But they gave their owner one headache too many. Gerald Berg, who raised the bison on his cattle farm in Stevenson, started his day by jumping on an all-terrain vehicle and chasing the escaped animals. Mr. Berg has been raising bison for about eight years, he said, but no more.By midday, as the last of the bison were being herded into the trailer, Mr. Berg had decided their fate.“It’s out of hand,” he said. “They’re going to the slaughterhouse, and they’re going to be buffalo burgers.”

Can you believe it? I wish we had the means to have people adopt them or something… or move them to some wide ranging space… poor things, NO WONDER THEY RAN AWAY!

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You know what’s really messed up, is the google ads being for Bufallo BOOTS and fancy schmancy HIGH HEELS. gah.

----- notcot 28.04.05 11:48

nytimes added another photo of a guy getting knocked over by a buffalo, quite amusing as well as the video clip you may not have seen. in the video clip i particularly enjoyed the gratuitous use of bad jokes and “feng shui”. i highly recommend it

the new article can be seen online at:

and for those who enjoy this type of silliness, i also recommend the elephants rin a restaurant in seoul:

and turkeys attacking mailmen in jersey:

----- jus 27.04.05 11:21

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