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Dream of Stars- 04.08.05

findyourroots1.gifToday art is my drug of choice. Surreal enough to get lost in, open enough to let your imagination run wild a little, not too far beyond your reach to encourage the creator/artist within. The work of Emily St.Clair is also fulfilling all my little obsessions of the moment, incorporating the amazing flowing/curling organic nature of hair, nature itself, Art Nouveau, and 60’s and 70’s patterns. Besides she’s an artist/designer who’s currently working as a baker at a vege cafe in Colombus, Ohio. (even if that is due to the economy, i still think sometimes the best inspiration comes from the strangest places). dreamofstars - more images of her work i like after…





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hey, I’d wear clothes with that kind of art on them. Have you ever made shirts? you are amazing.

----- jonathon wesolowski 20.10.05 17:31

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