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Green Squirrels- 04.05.05

greensquirrel.jpgGreen Squirrel, a find from my own google ads. [Lately my google ads have been a good source of random new finds, surprisingly enough]

Their designs, philsophy and site are so cute and playful with just the right balance of cheeky humor and a hint of intellect, we’ve just given in and ordered the four seen. They even have a Cheapskates section with the Gas mask shirt for a mere 5$! A real steal. Not to mention hilarious ways for you to help them out, create some art, design a shirt, or more to barter them for free shirts. And even a buy 3 get 1 free deal on at the moment for their regular shirts. Additionally for the adventurous folks, Adopt a MUPS!!! (aka Messed Up Printed Shirt) A cute idea really.

So support some friendly happy Green Squirrels, and maybe help them scribble a cute banner for their site if you are bored.

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