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On daily internet rants- 04.13.05

Not a review, not a post of more things you want to buy, just a question. On daily post sites/blogs/rants. Are there rules to this? I mean anyone can get some webspace, find an engine like Moveable Type, and hit the web running with content, ideas, images, absolutely anything. So is there an unspoken code for newbies? Proper do’s and don’ts? For example Patrick Bennett commented today and asked why i hadn’t emailed him about posting about him, am i supposed to? Email everyone i talk about?

Also on content. I read a lot of sites, blog like, art like, friend’s randoms… so i tend not to repost things i find, as much fun as they might be… all the other sites seem to do that enough themselves. Should i be? Showing you the things that intruigue me?

And on feeling late… so many things i have/use end up blogged on other sites which starts that possibly competitive “i had that ages ago” feeling. Should i post all i find as i find it? … examples that craiglist rentals+google (BRILLIANT), the silly egg timer mom gave me a few months ago, Tiger launch, gheehappy’s indian gods on boing boing today after i posted about it?

So just curious, as readers, browsers of the internet, fellow daily posters… whats the proper code of conduct? or is this back to the wild wild west, and the rules themselves are just beginning to evolve?

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I wouldn’t worry about feeling late.

Don’t worry about people who comment about “I found that ages ago”. The fact of the matter is it is the internet, and there are going to be days that you weren’t the first. In fact the very existence of the page more than likely means you weren’t.

Yours is an “aggregator site” - you tell people about cool stuff that saves them having to pour through a million sites to find it.

Consider this a comment in favor of hearing all that you have found that is cool (even if it is on other sites).

Consider Gnash a new fan of NotCot. Expect a contribution now and then.

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