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Rent-a-German- 04.01.05

german.jpgApril Fool’s Day. But i didn’t find this today. I found it many many days ago, and it is puzzling and bizarre yet strangely funny. So hm, go Rent-A-German!

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hahahahaha. AMAZING! it’s hilarious and offensive at the same time. my favorite part is the support pack, since “It could happen, that your German gets homesick, aggressiv, tired, sad or does not work correct.” and according to customer statements it’s effective: “The support package cheered him up again and we read German poems together ‘til 3 am. Even Grandma stayed up and enjoyed the exotic sound of words like “Rasenmäher, Motorsäge or Solidargemeinschaft”.

ahhhh…amazing. good one. =)

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