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Transmitting TOOTH?- 04.26.05

1470_02.jpgFascinating idea written up in Gizmag… Audio Tooth.

Recently on show at the London Science Museum, the audio tooth concept is set to expand dentistry well beyond the realm of fillings, extractions and canal work . A tiny implant consisting of a wireless receiver and a micro-vibration unit that uses bone resonance to convert digital signals received from a mobile telephone, radio or computer into vibrations or “sound” that reach the inner ear via the jawbone. This creates a totally discreet line of audio communication that can be heard by no one except the user - very useful on the floor of the stock exchange, in theatres, sporting fields, covert operations, or in a host of situations where fast and confidential exchanges of information are necessary.

Can you imagine what types of problems this could cause in schools where cell phones and mp3 players are already being banned? or combine it with an eye that shows what you see to others, while others talk directly into your head via “tooth”? A whole new world of problems for ETS.

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