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YETI hat!- 04.11.05

yetihat2.jpgSO cute in that weird funny “must touch” sort of way. This is the Yeti Hat from Creature Co-op (also found at Alt Press Expo).

Be the shy, reclusive, but potentially ferocious Yeti in this hat. Part snow bunny, part sasquatch, wear this fur and polar fleece hat and you’ll blend in perfectly with the locals.

With a full collection of playful (yet scribbly) creatures in the forms of hats, bags, plushes, and more… they are a delight to browse through. For kids of all ages? From the creators:

Creature Co-op is the creative cooperation between Rachel Chow, Jason Carpenter, and our friends and family. We started Creature Co-op in 2004 as a hobby to create cute yet dark plush friends with strongpersonalities. Some of the creatures are very dumb and bump into things a lot. Some of them are crazy. Some are dumb and crazy, but very, very sweet.

Creature Co-op

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