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Burberry Dots- 05.28.05

buberry.jpg“Burberry eyes the dots in Japan” is the article title from Creativity Magazine… amazingly enough, and after two years of development, Tokyo agency Tugboat has created the “serious change” Burberry desired… “The challenge in developing the new pattern was how to maintain the tradition and the quality of the Burberry check yet make it into a new iconic image of the brand.” Gutsy. [Is this in the style of LV going Murakami?]

I guess this is just proof of the impact of the Asian market on the old school fashion houses that have been quickly losing revenue internationally the last few years…



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you know why theyre doing this right? its not just modernization.


----- jus 31.10.05 16:16

As you know, I am not a fan of Burberry plaid.

Actually I am basically an enemy as evidenced by this link:


I do however like this new plaid. It is interesting, and it feels it is Japanesque in design. The purse feels a bit Vuitton Murakami to me.

In any case, I like.

----- Gnash 01.06.05 18:26

barf. they tried too hard.

----- shadeelaine 01.06.05 17:40

very busy…reminds me of “game of life” arrays I had to program in my cs class.

----- joey roth 31.05.05 13:43

i’m not a fan. definitely prefer the plaid.

----- jus 30.05.05 13:09

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