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FlightPod- 05.05.05

flightpod.pngDeutsch FlightWear iPod cases… cute iconography pulling from flying, with mix and match colors (ok simply red, blue, black). Cute idea, nice site graphics, nice chill music playing on their flash that i’m half awakingly listening to…

So far all the fun Deutsch sites i end up at have fun little videos of their products being featured on tv or some show. This one does too, crazy fashionistas with their ipod cases… watch the video. Also, it’s decently priced at 19 Euro.

Found this one on Gustomela. More images after.



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Ok ok, so maybe back in the day before they had inflight movies or radio, there was in flight record playing… or some hardcore “dj spinning here” signs now in private jets? =P It could happen!

----- notcot 06.05.05 15:47

what kind of airplane manual has a turntable icon?

----- joey roth 06.05.05 13:59

very cute! =)

----- jus 06.05.05 10:13

Hi :)

I’m happy when someone finds something interesting on my Mac/iPod blog and links back. So thanks for that :)
Gustomela means “Apple flavour” ;)


----- the geekette from Gustomela 05.05.05 12:07

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