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Quattro- 05.30.05

razors.jpgNice solution…[center] For the girls, or maybe just to friends… a quickie. I used to love the guys Mach3 razor… then i forgot mine when i was travelling and picked up a Venus Divine (customized for women, etc), and while it was nice, a bit large/plasticy for me. So the free Schick Quattro just came a few days ago, and i just had to share its the perfect hybrid between those two by Gillette. It has the slim/weighted body of the Mach3, nice female friendly design, 4 razors, and has a cap for the razor (instead of having to have it loose, or on a big stand/case)… and it really has left me incredibly smooth.

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you know, i never got mine. i wonder if oleg got it.

----- jus 01.11.05 11:42

i signed up for mine. =P but the ads on the way in were so painful. hopefully it’ll be worth it. it is supposedly coming it 4-6 weeks…let’s hope before i move again.

----- jus 31.05.05 05:50

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