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Solar Mosquito Repellent- 05.26.05

90419.jpg3 hours of sunlight, and mosquito free. I won’t even pretend to understand it, but they claim it works, and after many a horrible mosquito attacks, i’m game to try it. And its the most unique use of sustainable energy i’ve found tonight [more on that later, its my theme/curiosity of the night].

We’ve received countless raves from satisfied Solar Mosquito Guard owners from Hawaii to the Amazon Basin, from Alaska to Louisiana all with the same theme: “These amazing things really work, we’re mosquito free, while our friends are swatting away.” The principle is they put out a high-frequency audible wave that actually repels most species of mosquitoes. Funny part is there is no scientific evidence that mosquitoes can even hear, yet they really seem to work! There is an on/off switch so you don’t have to activate until the mosquitoes arrive. The battery will recharge in three hours of sunlight. Hong Kong.

Bizzare, possibly amazing. Worth 10$ if it works, doesn’t harm the environment, saves you from itchiness. Or if you’re super hardcore…


Mosquito Eliminator
With recent health threats, mosquito control has taken on new importance. The weather-proof Mosquito Eliminator exploits everything known about mosquito predation to safely and effectively control entire populations in yards, camps and more. Connected to a standard outlet, the trap uses a breakthrough ceramic catalyst to convert propane into carbon dioxide, the lure that biting females can’t resist. Augmenting this bait with heat, light and moisture to create an irresistible attraction that mimics a human, it reels mosquitoes and other blood-seeking insects into an easily cleaned internal trap.
For just pennies per day, rid up to ¾ of an acre of summer’s biggest bane without pesticides or other hazards. 20 lb. propane tank (not included) provides 3-4 weeks of 24/7 protection. UL listed. 48”H x 12”W. 48 lbs. China.

A bit crazy, no? I would have wanted one of these in milan though. maybe even dress it up as a human, or a robot, or something that looked like it was getting attacked by mosquitos.

Or try this… all natural and it apparently works? (says Organic Style, they gave it a 10 on a 10 point scale)


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Please quote Solar Mosquito Repellent- for 5000 Nos. Send us the Tech details also & its durability. Thanks,

----- P.K.Das 14.07.06 06:47

I live in the Archipelago de Los Roques in the Caribbean, off the coast of Venezuela.

During the month of June - July and later on December - January the mosquitos are real bad. It is so bad that its is imposible to stay around. This is a tourist place and as you might think, when the mosquitos are here, no one can stay in the island or the house. During this time the mosquitos are there all day long.

I am looking for a minimun coverage of 1 acre. Any ideas?

----- Helena 20.06.06 10:13

Those solar powered key chains are easily 10 years old— I had one growing up my mother gave me— it never worked. If you put it up to your ear you can hear the high pitch sound….

The big propane “bug eaters” are another story, I think those things work like a charm.

----- Josh Spear 27.05.05 08:39

okay, that’s it. I’m buying one. and one for the bf too. mosquitos are ridiculous in SF.

----- shadeelaine 27.05.05 00:58

My parents owned a device that did exactly the same thing about 20 years ago.. We still have it and I use it on summer nights to keep mosquitos away. So far I’ve been bite-free!

----- Wendy 27.05.05 00:55

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