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5$ goes a long way.- 06.20.05

ikeastool.jpgWow its been a while, but here’s a taste of what you’ve missed. Things have been crazy, spent all day yesterday installing electrical outlets, touch sensitive multimodal light switches, fire alarm, door deadbolts, and loads more… internet not exactly set up at the new place yet… hence the posting delay. But it doesn’t mean that art stopped evolving, or the amusement with no internet was any less…

Check out this new stool i got (shot at my hfriend’s apt, he got one too… and using jermacide as our very very tired and willing model… and othello the cute bunny too)… so just when you figure everything is pretty costly today, i find this stool/bench/coffee table/hat? at ikea for $4.99! and the boxes got built into a modern rabbitat for the bunnies to explore. Best few bucks i’ve spent in a long time. =)

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wow, that’s awesome. when’d you get a bunny?

----- jus 21.06.05 05:50

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