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Donnie Darko- 06.20.05

glassblob.jpgNight before last, checked out the Donnie Darko Director’s Cut midnight showing. WOW. everytime i see that movie it gets my gears turning, and somewhat freaks me out at the same time. But the most interesting visualization within it is those clear gelatinous fluid paths that he begins to see. The ones that lead to the next place/thing a person does? Doesn’t ring a bell? Go watch it? I cant find a picture of it online right now.

Anyhow these gorgeous glass pieces reminded me of that today. Also from Karin’s.

These glass pieces by Fredrika Linder have a wonderful weight and are about 30 cm tall, inspired by tulips and elephant trunks. Fredrika works as a designer at Lindhammars glass works in Småland and she was recently cover girl for swedish design magazine FORM.

I find the most captivating characteristic of blown glass to be its ability to seem so fluid yet so fixed.

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