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Fingerprint - Portable HD- 06.21.05

hd_safe_mobile.jpg80gigs for 200$ I’ve been on the market for a new portable ext hd, and prices have been coming down nicely… always love the small ones, and La Cie’s new SAFE drive is not only small physically and large in capacity, but it also has fingerprint protection for your data. Very tempting. Dimensions : 5.43 x 3.15 x 0.98 in / 138 x 80 x 25 mm. Weight : 200g. See more here, it’s shipping in July.

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Yeah, it was a problem w/ the La Cie drives with at least the F.A. Porsche designs (I was looking into them). Some other drive enclosures have similar problems. It is possible that this new one has some of the kinks worked out?

----- Gnash 24.06.05 17:50

Been using a Storix portable harddrive 60gig for the last few years now and its been great, also use the ipod for the same purpose… no overheat problems, is that a La Cie thing?…. This is a 5400 rpm, i don’t think they are going to the 7200s in portables yet.

----- notcot 24.06.05 01:06

Be a bit cautious with these. The La Cie F.A. Porsche designed portable drives have a tendency to overheat. I wonder what RPMs this one is?

Very neat though - if they have figured out the overheat I would buy one.

----- Gnash 22.06.05 19:03

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