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Forrest Grand Father- 06.09.05

mascot01.gif5.gifThink green! Meet the mascots of Japan’s 2005 World Expo focused on “Nature’s Wisdom”.

“Kiccoro ( Forest Child )” The Forest Child has only just been born. Jumping around everywhere, he’s (she’s) full of energy! The Forest Child wants to see and do everything! He’s (she’s) looking forward to making lots of friends at the Expo.
“Morizo ( Forest Grand Father )”The Forest Grandfather has been living in the forest since long ago. He’s an easy-going and kind old man, he has seen many things and knows everything, but he hasn’t lost his curiosity. Hearing about the Expo, he’s enthusiastic about lending a hand.

They aren’t new, but they are just cute simple characters had to share them… Saw these guys at GiantRobot, but didn’t know what they were… now its all coming together.

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