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PixelGIrlSHOP.- 06.14.05

pixelgirl.jpgRemember when you have a billion links… and then you finally revisit some old sites and find they’ve grown and evolved into so much more? PixelGirlPresents was always a great icon resource… and i just dicovered, a funky consignment store as well for great handmades!

So above we have Voodoo Toaster’s Maki Lip Gloss Set [adorably edible like?]… old school cassette tape earings [funky gift for the playful rocker within?]… and just too cute not to post super mini sushi necklace.

And just in, apparently Voodoo Toaster is a friend of one of our new contributors hfriend! So more coming from him soon. The internet. It’s a small (big) world out there.

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