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Art Deco Tee Art- 07.12.05

butterflydropout.pngIt’s a nice blend that i first saw on this amazing Dolce&Gabbana tee material corset (with leopard print bra built in?) with a purple backed art deco print… Well this is a bit more subdued… Butterfly Dropout has created a 2005 line of unique pieces that can be seen here. Crazy cuts, vintage prints, romantically funky? Anyhow, love this one.

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This is art nouveau, not art deco.

----- Flapper 07.04.07 04:24

i love how this post pulls up google ads like “leopard print rug”, “sexy bra”, “bra and thong” and “leopard print comforter”. and you didn’t even include the word kitschy in the post!

----- jus 17.07.05 08:33

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