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DIOR Poof- 07.10.05

dior.pngAhhh, packaging design. Just noticed the new Dior Show powder, and was quite amused by its packaging. Over the last few years we’ve seen makeup (and everything else) look to the past, and especially in the realm of the make up “puffs” [remember that adorably well packaged eye shadow by Shu Uemura with the little fluffy puff and clear plastic eyeshadow in clear plastic packaging?]. Dior just hid the poof into the lid of the eyeshadow… too cute, almost looks like food [japanese mochi?].

Get glowing with Dior’s “Color In A Flash” loose powder. Glide the puff over cheeks for a translucent wash of color or shimmer, or glide over shoulders and décolleté for a cutting-edge glow.
Not exactly playfully cheap at 39$ a pot… but i’d want to play with it.

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