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She-Bible- 07.05.05

sonofagun.pngFirst and foremost, go Tee Junkies. This newbie blog has given me a haven of tee amusement and great designs. I must admit Pre-Shrunk really doesn’t do it for me. So very very happy to be enjoying this newbie site.

But on to She-Bible… (found via TeeJunkie)…

According to the bio of the two chicks who founded She-bible, the term comes from mistaken translation of pronouns at the end of Ruth 3:15, apparently in the King James version, “she” instead of “he” is the standard wording, so it’s refered to as the Great She-bible…

I’m loving this Son of a Gun shirt. Not sure why, maybe the part cowboy in me coming out. But it’s adorable.

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Damnit this shirt is cool.

The website is pretty great as well. My t-shirt collection thanks you though my wallet curses you.

----- Gnash 08.07.05 16:27

dude, you were linked on core77, congrats

----- joey roth 06.07.05 22:58

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