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Vornado- 07.21.05

vornadofanc4in.jpgWow it’s hot in Socal these days… unbearably so. I couldn’t imagine getting through it without my trusty Vornado my mom got me back in the beginning of uni. So as i sit here melting less thanks to my infinitly variable speed tall Vornado… i browsed their website for the first time ever, and found this beauty!

So incase you didn’t know either, apparently the Vornados i know are a result of the “new improved Vornado company” of 1989, which inherited a history of fans dating back to the 40’s and 50’s in Whichita, Kansas… That new limited edition version combining the Vornado tech of today and the aesthetic of yesterday is gorgeous. (Also check out the History of Fans and the Green Vintage model)

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