*notcot in me , 17:37

Burn Out- 08.28.05

burnout.pngEver feel Burnt Out? How about Blown Up? So i am so panicked at the moment, this had to be posted. Here’s how it went down… little 5’4” me, balancing on a barstool in the bathroom hallway of my new apt, trying out a light socket… screw in. turn on. nothing. touch it. KAPOW*CRASH*eep!

It blew up. smells like fire. burnt my hair a bit. but no fire. no fuse blown. so technically everything is ok… except my nerves.

But now i’m left with the imagery you see there… and it reminds me of what its like to have great ideas (light bulbs dinging above your head)… and then the opposite… to have burnt out… or gone out with a shortlived BANG.


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