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Glark Goods- 08.01.05

Glarkware has a few amusing products i had to share this 2am. First we have the EKG House messenger bag, which has a button you can add on with little cottages on it. Second is the Urban Asshole Notification Cards (not sure why it is specifies urban, i’m sure they have assholes in other places as well)… [Each card is scored but not folded so you can present them as is or fold them up so that the recipient only sees “Congrats!” before they get “You’re An Asshole” and the hard truth on the other side.] And last but not least, bringing out the Rock in the Classics buttons.

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haha. great find. ive been looking for a way to tell the world i rock the mozart.

----- jus 01.08.05 04:52

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