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Save the Endangered- 08.28.05

050826_online_species.jpg DON’T DO IT. Like this bag i mean, or even consider buying it. I saw this image in the National Geographic site, and was just so horrified i had to post it.

During a one-week period in January the IFWA discovered unlawful offerings such as a gorilla on sale for $8,100 (U.S.) and chimps dressed as dolls for $60,000 (U.S.) each. The conservation nonprofit says the findings represent only a small fraction of the total online trade, because the investigation only looked at sales of live primates and products made from elephants, tortoise shells, reptiles, and wild cats.

It’s just insane, although probably not so surprising, that this is how the blackmarket trade of endangered species is evolving… and that purse, just makes me want to cry. Read it.

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