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Halo Effect- 09.20.05

org_08P0_tall_lrg.jpgIt is such a nice product of Origins and it makes you “glow” in just the right way.

This lightweight pearly potion casts an ethereal aura over skin to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Use it to give cheeks a glistening gleam. Make browbones subtly beam. Glistening Mica shines a luminous light on facial features while taking focus away from fine lines and flaws. Rosemary soothes. Sage smoothes. And the uplifting aroma of sparkling citrus makes you feel radiant inside and out.

It’s playfully uplifting, from the outside in, and vice versa =) and on that note, to all readers who noticed the lag the last two weeks in posts, and my attempt to bribe you with new finds that make me happy. My apologies. Life kicked in full gear. In good ways and bad… but i’m back. And its nice to post again.

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