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eNook- 10.19.05

enook.pngAnthro is a designer of high quality modular and ergonomic computer furniture, all with a Lifetime Warranty. They recently launched the eNook, which is the best tech space saver i’ve found for any home or space where you have your laptop, mp3, psp, mobile phones, camera, bluetooth gadgets, and more. And a great way to keep it out of sight, cables and all. Its the murphy bed of portable tech, with a build in power strip and a full system of cable management clips, its the cleanest way to store your gear, and still have the slim wall mount serve as a fold out desktop. Beyond the tech, the design details and customizable options make this worth exploring for your space… Fabric patterns range from “Morph/Autumn” and “Dwell/Coop” to things like “Quantum/Beeline”… and the main finish comes in Maple, Cherry wood, or a white finish. eNook starts shipping in mid-November, and the base unit is $399.

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