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Freudama und Sodele- 10.26.05

freudama.jpgI fall in love with boys, but… not as hard as i do for certain graphics and ideas. Freudama und Sodele had me with both… i love their graphic design aesthetic, and the idea of locking these great designs as slide film images locked into various materials. Not to mention their story… i love a good artistic love affair…

united by friendship and a similar taste
in art and humour, freudama & sodele started out in summer 1999. they
design and make contemporary jewellery as well as other small objects, drawing from both parties different educational backgrounds. one might see their work as mini art, as lovable oddities or as roguish

They kind of remind me of the stories of Charles and Marie. I know i’m such a sappy romantic when design/travel/big ideas come into play.

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