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IRON wine- 12.11.05

ironwine.pngWine in a box we all know (and i must say you need to check out Target’s new line of wine in a box which also has purchasable accessories like neoprene covers for the box… and the packaging is graphically playful cardboard cubes)… But this is now Iron Wine (in a can). The description on the Malbec- Cabernet is “Thousands of years ago wine was stored in clay amphorae. Finally it has evolved to this unique blend that combines Argentina’s best grapes with the latest evolution in wine packaging. Flavors of cherry, blackberry, leather and cocoa abound… smooth and comfortable on the palate. Unabashedly modern.” Wow. not sure what to make of it, but curious enough to give it a try.


Was only wondering… Is Iron Wine available for purchase in the US? The website is Argentinian, and rightfully so, in Spanish. Needless to say, entering, “Iowa,” into the form would merit no canned wine. :(

----- Jacob 21.05.06 16:07

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