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CES anyone?- 01.03.06

[UPDATED] Hey guys, quickie - anyone hitting up vegas for CES this weekend? I registered, but haven’t decided whether pop up there for it yet. Could be fun to meet up with some notcot/tech/design folks - drop me an email!

Sooo… i just gave in and booked a flight for Friday (heading out in the morning, back late that night? unless i can somehow figure out a place to stay, or hey, its vegas, anything can happen, maybe i’ll run off with some crazy ideas and relocate notcot there… or not. i’m hyper tonight) But if anyone’s going to be around friday, or has more ideas about things not to miss, EMAIL! =)

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I would love to come, but I need to work. Chack out the Ricoh R3. 5 megapixel, 7.1X optical zoom, and image stabilization in an ultra compact format. I want one, but I want to hear the impressions of someone that has held one in their hand.

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