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ENJOY- 01.04.06

enjoy_large.jpgAs far as late night mini posts go, just needed to share this quote from the side of this gift box i recieved from RUGenius…

Enjoy: it is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. [Charles Haddon Spurgeon]

This Enjoy set by Neal’s Yard Remedies of Covent Garden London, contains Soothing Bath Oil 100ml, Jasmine Enriching Cream 20g, Elderflower Hand Softener 20g, and Comfrey & Mallow Foot Balm 20g… all of their products are all natural, and it is one of my favorite indulgences whenever i wander over to that side of the pond. You can always recognize their products by their signature blue glass bottles and that old style tree emblem.

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