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XBOX 360 LIVE?- 01.08.06

xbox.jpgOk kids, after CES, destressing with XBOX 360 Live silliness. And not to be silly, but don’t know too many folks with one… so readers… who has one? you? want to play? DOA? PGR? (and sometimes Madden, but football and i are not such a good combo, but learning) Anyhow, i’m notcot there too… =)

But this is a picture from the XBOX display over at the MASSIVE MS section at CES… so more to post on that later. But on the XBOX 360 and the whole LIVE thing… it pains me to admit it is pretty freaking sweet. Well laid out, games are pretty fun, and it is kind of nice just sitting back listening to your personal music (from your media center) and chatting with your friends (or talking shit depending on the game and such) The skinning is quite pretty, and you can customize them. But at the moment i am just obsessed with how beautiful the project gotham racing tracks are, check out the detail when you manage to slow down, the people and environment actually reacting to you… ahhh. ok come play with me already. Real CES posts to come.

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