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Moth Balls- 02.14.06

MOTHscarf-cream.1.jpgMiss Stella Neptune’s name is far too fun. That being said, it is no surprise how delightfully playful yet vintage and edgy her clothing line is. This moth scarf greatly amuses me, especially in light of a recent conversation about moth balls, and just the irony of having that type of scarf with screened moths on it… but then again, maybe smaller moths fear the big ones, and it actually serves as scarf and clothing protection to have those images on it. Or not. Her “gracias por nada” shirts are ideal for those moods when you want people to back off… but usually to my dismay such shirts tend to make people feel the need to talk to you more (especially in places like super markets and bookstores and walking down the street!). Also take a look at her vintage skirts with screened images! I’m a bit rambly today - overworked and still at the tail end of jetlagging. But shop her wares here!


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