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ITS OFFICIAL!- 03.20.06

TODAY is the official RELAUNCH of NOTCOT! Although not too much has changed on your side of things - the migration and rebuild and sorting of files and much behind the scenes is complete, and the kinks in the new designs have been sorted out, and in the side strings (look left, look right) you are seeing the launch of the NOTCOT Gallery - a space that now and again may be used to showcase artists/designers/curated themes of images and objects which amuse and perplex us. [We’d love input or ideas if you’d like to be featured here, or know someone who ought to be seen.] So i’m taking this moment to say thanks to all of you for supporting us, and in the next few months there should be a lot of fun new stuff going evolving and emerging here… but one step at a time, so check back frequently! Also - can you believe we are officially 1 year old? It blows my mind.

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