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B-Unit- 04.11.06

Did you know Bloomberg apparently makes most of its profits on a single product/service? Well that was news to me. As far as design/tech inspiration - take a look at this Bloomberg B-Unit. At first glance, it seems like a wallet sized camera/battery/id gizmo. But upon closer look, you will find that it is apparently “one of the most advanced personal authentication devices available. The credit card sized device integrates a biometric sensor-a finger image scanner-to verify the identity of BLOOMBERG ANYWHEREusers, allowing them to log in to their BLOOMBERG TERMINAL from any internet-ready PC, anywhere in the world.” This is the B-Unit: Bloomberg Personal Authentication Device, and i want one. Not for any reason other than, at this moment my wallet and tech filled purse feels an inferiority complex coming on - thats so sleek and pretty, and a nice implementation of tech (although honestly, couldn’t it be even thinner?).

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B-Units aren’t as bad as you think.. The newer works work really well, and if your finger is having issues, it’s probably your finger. 300,000 terminals and counting, and the majority of people have no issues whatsoever.

----- Bloomberg employee 25.08.11 13:42

i`ll call it a state of art , being a security research assistant , I get to see lot of security and authentication stuff . The design manages to combine a fingerprint scanner, status screen, photo sensor and series of microchips into an ultra compact credit-card-sized package.The ease by which one can use it. I simply love it , the customers have been reely taken care of .It also deflects the sometimes negative perceptions associated with the authentication procedure and communicates to the user Bloomberg’s commitment to security and subscriber privileges, further enhancing their brand image and appreciation by their clients. But is the $1500pm is worth …
i guess , I`ll vouch for it .

----- rachit lohani 02.04.09 19:21

the battery isn’t such an issue, it warns you when it’s getting low so you have enough time to order a replacement, free of charge. you can even get a tech to come help you register it if you want to.

the problem with syncing over rdp, you can try as mentioned before changing the refresh rate, also try lowering colour depth to 16 bit.

there are also a few commands you can try. before you hit the login key, just type {PAN BUNIT REMOTE X} and hit enter. Replace X with a number above 1 and 12 to change the speed.

hope this helps

the bunit i think is an amazing piece of technology, and I heard they are coming up with a new version with new features!

----- bloomberg user 25.01.08 10:58

If your B Unit does not read your screen, you can try raising the refresh rate or lowering the screen resolution and\or number of display colors.

----- Dave S 16.01.08 12:00

if anyone knows how to make the Bloomberg B-unit work over RDP, as what I observed was that due to latency on RDP session, the Sync is unsuccessful. While when doing on a real machine, the same Sync is successful. Any known resolution? Thanks in Adv

----- Muhammad 25.07.07 01:59

Yeah, this thing is a piece of junk.

----- Another Bloomberg client 21.06.06 12:46

A B-unit might look good and trendy but if you’re lucky it might just last up to 6 months as Bloomberg deliver them without enough power to last the guaranteed 2 years and of course Bloomberg does not provide chargers for the batteries! Also your fingerprint is not always recognized so you end up not being able to use your Bloomberg for days, which defeat the purpose of having this device in the first place. It is really not stable. Reading your review proves that you actually never had to use this device. You should know better than believing Bloomberg sales speeches.

----- A Bloomberg Client 31.05.06 05:25

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