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Full Bleed- 04.06.06

Amazing - thought provoking - beautiful - and well designed shirt + poster placement. I’m a big fan of Full Bleed which i just discovered thanks to Prickie. The work of Rob Dobi grew into Full Bleed in the summer of 2004 as a side project - and apparently his following began due to his eye catching work with bands… letting “the music i listen to influence the work”. I love his mentality that “you pay enough money for a shirt, why have it act as a billboard?”. Love the site as well, great use of space and colors.

Also - this main image i like is “work is for the birds” poetic, punny, and i must admit it reminds me of that threadless shirt of the girl blowing her brains out and out comes butterflies - but i love this one so so much more.

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you should get the jack of hearts shirtt by fullbleed!

----- meagan 11.08.06 08:32

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