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Woodpecker- 05.16.06

dieselwoodpecker.jpgWOODEN GLASSES! from Diesel, but i can’t find them on their website (if you have info, comment it up and spread the word) - I’m completely exhausted and swamped, but i think the whilrwind travelling/meetings have been wearing on me - you’ll see much of the many little projects launching soon - but in my full imersion designing/exploring mode right now. Check out Galore, a free Scandinavian magazine that blew my mind. Great glossy, fun pics, and gorgeous content. So this is a quick snap of the glasses i found in there. Again, wooden glasses, what a cool looking idea, it matches the sleek woody scandinavian furniture styling i was falling in love with all over again this trip.


Hey there

Faux wood print on plastic - I could only find them here: http://www.go-optic.com/viewframe.asp?id=6590&x=3&page=SUNGLASSES

I bet you info on these will be up on “it’s (k)not wood” in no time!



----- elsuperbomba.com 16.05.06 16:58

Hi is the magazine in english?looks good!

----- Tan 17.05.06 17:29

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