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Apologies- 06.01.06

SORRY! I feel a little silly apologizing to all of you. But i know i’ve been a bit off my game the last week or two - Oxford was hectic, and jetlag this week has not been pretty! So just wanted to let you know that i’ve had so many different things happening (many relating to NOTCOT projects growing quickly!) - finally got a new car (my first car that wasn’t inherited and my first NEW car) - and spent the very early morning out on the beach with my dad to break in his new kayak (only telling you that to explain the pic up top!). So be nice, and i’ll have lots of goodies to come for you… and the posts will pick back up as well… and please spread the word on NOTCOT.org, its been so much fun getting more people posting to it, and just having a place to share all the random bits we don’t always have time to get on NOTCOT.

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