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CL Sound Machine- 06.19.06

Designed by the Cucumber Lab, this incredible object is the CL Sound Machine. It seems reminiscent of an overhead projector, mailbox, and gramophone to me. The fusion of the familiar to create something so beautiful and still functional - certainly qualifies as drool worthy design. “Beats emanate from our sound projecting, music machine with automated transitional glass for direct visual surveillance of one’s finest wines. It features high gloss finish, 12 bottle wine-liquor storage, Smart Glass technology, direct drive digital record player, 5 disc slim line cd player, universal mp3 player and stand, 200 watt rmf mono bridged amplifier, 8” subwoofer, and 42-25,000 Hz range.” Hyperventilating slightly? Me too. I want one. And you haven’t even seen the interior yet… after the jump.


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How much is it????

----- jane 16.05.07 12:19

I very want this machine!

----- Hirokazu Kawanishi 26.08.06 03:55

I think the CL Sound Machine is really neat, I have never seen anything like it before! Wonderful work gentlement! Thank you for sharing this with everyone!

----- Bev Werner 14.07.06 12:57

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