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DIY Microwave Crucible- 06.20.06

MocoLoco gets all the good stuff from Kieren Jones - remember his Subversive Ikea? Well now they have got pics of his DIY Microwave your own jewelry kit! (and no they don’t know when or if this kit/instructions will be available!).

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Hi Ben. I am v. interested in your microwave equipment esp. crucibles. If you have an ebay listing please send me the link. I am also interested in your brochure, my email philiplangford@gmail.com

----- phil 20.11.08 04:45

I have microwave melting equipment and crucibles for sale. Have been selling them for an educational project demonstrating metal casting for school kids. Please e-mail me for prices/availability. I will most likely be selling through e-bay, taking payments through Pay-Pal. I can e-mail brochure/pictures as well.

----- Ben 11.08.08 12:18

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